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Gottsch Enterprises

You've provided good possibilities for no longer importing beef from Costa Rica, but remember: the U.S Cattlemen are also resourceful to attrack business.


i think that you shouldn`t cut down the rainforest becuz we will all die!and its bad for the environment.

darth vader

I think cutting down the rainforest is HORRIBLE!

If U cut down the rainforest everybody would DIE!

chdie surdzer

Why isn't the government doing something about this?


Will you write a letter or call fast food companies and Campbell's Soups asking them to not purchase beef from countries where rain forests were deforested in order to cattle ranch?


I liked your site, you are very interesting to write. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Texas  Ranches

Is woodland recovery more toughly changed by in place restoration or proximity to surrounding forests?
Will sewing plants offshore islands of tree seedlings (clustered groups) enhance woodland recovery to a comparable point as sewing plants seedlings in a homogenous plantation (mono-crop)?

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