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Lisa Brackmann

Hi Lisa,
I am a teacher who has a class writing letters to students in Trinidad, W.I. Both sets of students are also writing about how they can each save the environment. DO you have any other information on internationally penpals doing something like this?


Hello all the Teachers and studdents

i would like to Ask Teachers about Types of Agriculture and Meening of Agriculture frist ,

Mohamed Caaqib

Bridie Evans

Hi i'm a year six student from Australia and this term we are learning about the rainforest and destruction to the rainforest so i could use some information about that , thankyou

Religion Dissertation

Blogs are so informative where we get lots of information on any topic. Nice job keep it up!!


hey guys i was doing a paper in english about deforestation and this website came up. i like they way we can interact and i think its prettty cool to have a pen pal :D


Hi i'm 12 a year eight student. I'm doing course work leveled assesment so i'm looking for some help can you help please i'll b delighted if you could !
Thanks !
p.s I will also like a penpal it will help dozens ! xxx hope to hear fkm u soon




hi! my name is tilly!I am 8 years old.
I enjoy harry potter and love reading!my favriote food is pasta and I love making clothes!
I hope you can find me pen-pal because I have always wanted one!


Think you should stop deforestation because it's wrecking the world and destroying everything we have including animals, plants, trees, and even destroying all of our forests. So please stop it before we do.

freya cardwell

hi i'm freya
i love horse riding
my favourite colour is blue
i hate the colour yellow
i love to read
and i am also one of the most caring person most of my friends have ever met!
please try find me a penpal
p.s my favourite food is pasta and i love harry potter movies


hi im Samantha i think that we should start saving forest because its important to care about the enviroment so lets help now

Taiyese Oyediran

I think we should save the rainforest becase there are so many things we have not even dicovered yet. We could be killing innocent humans that live in the rainorest and it is important cause there could be a cure for all the diseses kown to man and even more that we do not even know about. There coud be innocent people and even children. At this rate there might not be any people to run this world in like ONE THOUSAND YEARS. I don' know about you but I want to make this world a BETTER place where people can live in harmone and if the whole entire human race died out I would for ONCE be the person to say that i tried to make a difference in the world. So do not just sit there ad just watch this happen,take a stand and I know that if we can do this than WE CAN SAVE THE RAINFOREST


I would also like to thank Miss Watson my favuorite teacher,Lauren,Olivia and one of the nicest girls i know and that is Miss Tia Hutton.

Lisa M. Algee

Thank you Taiyese for your very insightful comment. I agree that we all must become aware of the uniqueness that rainforests offer the world. We as human beings must do everything we can to prevent more degradation of this immensely important and diverse ecosystem. May I recommend a book to you? It's called Rainforests and the author is Rhett Butler. It is especially written for kids. Thanks again for reading my Blog site, Lisa

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