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IM not alloud to say my name

HI I think your site was good other people think its bad,this site helped me with my homwaork


Wow, I'm working on a Google Earth project for my class and have found your activities most helpful to my project. I have used this site almost as a webquest. I particularly like the Pen Pal activity at the end.


i found this site uselful.
Thank You!!!

Fabrice marre

Borneo is loosing the equivalent of 300 football fields per hour. We need to act before it's too late.
Check out the deforestaction group. This amazaing project uses the power of the web to connect schools from all around the world to fight deforestation in Borneo.


i think we should put a stop to deforestation

pencil pusher

It does need some pictures. I'm writing an article on deforestation. It has good info but, isn't as kid-friendly as it could be. Throw in some pictures of tree stumps and pictures of how to help and that would be great! This website really helped! THANKS!!


I found this information very usefull for my exhibition. You have lots of good sources that kids can understnd


this is a good website




its a very good site and it helps u out to know more thing about tress getting cut down


i think it was good and it gave a lot of facts about tress and stuff




I think you should stop derforstation because you are killing wild life and just because you build with trees you can still plant some more but that what deforestation is people are taking down trees and not planting more.


Awesome Information!Home work just got fun!


Very helpful


I found this website very helpful and what other people have said about not understanding it and the"tricky words" just means that they are too young too understand and obviously should be on a younger deforestation site. very helpful, thankyou!

Linda Woodcock

Hello and thank you for the wealth of information you have posted on this site, Kids Connected to Conservation and Culture. I am a fairly informed person involving the topic of deforestation and yet I gained some more knowledge from your site. Thank you.

If you are able, please check out our blog at mrswoodcock.edublogs.org and see pictures of our recent trip to our outdoor centre - Kingfisher. We did not learn about deforestation, but did learn about what plants and animals need to survive in a habitat. In the afternoon we used nets to catch critters from the lake and identified them with help from the Kingfisher staff. It was a great day and my students are still talking about it.

Thank you again for your site. It has been great visiting here and I will certainly be telling my students about it.

Mrs. Woodcock

Room 27 Balmoral School

You should not cut down trees because they may have uses in medicine, and it takes away the homes of many innocent species. Also, trees make oxygen. On another level, trees can be fun to play among.
Room 27 Balmoral School

Lisa M. Algee

Thank you Linda. I will definitely look at your site. Lisa


Helped with homework thanks!! :)

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